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Left to starve after years of loyal service


After years of service to a local boys ranch – giving rides and helping the boys learn how to care for horses – four senior geldings (ages ranging from 27 to 40) were callously allowed to become severely malnourished when they were too old to be ridden any longer. An employee of the ranch was instructed by management to take the horses to auction, but the auction refused them. The employee contacted TMMES, and we agreed to rescue them. Horses have to be in pretty bad shape for the auctions to refuse them, so we knew their situation was dire.


The poor old guys required months of rehabilitation and vet care to return to good health. Today, they are happy, healthy horses who will live out the rest of their lives with love and in safety and comfort.

Two of the severely malnourished geldings a few days after being rescued.

Tigger after only a few months of rehab.

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