TMMES Horse-Themed Greeting Cards


Triple Me Mac Equine Sanctuary, in collaboration with talented artist and farrier Kim Collie, has created a series of humorous, whimsical and downright precious greeting and note cards that horse lovers everywhere will have to have. Best of all, 100% of your donations for these cards go to TMMES' rescue and sanctuary efforts!

TMMES sells these cards through eBay Giving Works, so all transactions are secure and protected. Please click on the link below each card to order yours! (Please note: the copyright watermark is not printed on the actual cards.)

Thank You 5-notecard set
Inside message: Blank
Thank You card
Inside message: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Sorry card
Inside message: I'm sorry.
OMG! Thank you card
Inside message: It's exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
Mane squeeze card
Inside message: You're my MANE squeeze!
Hay gorgeous card
Inside message: Hay there, gorgeous!
Hang in there card
Inside message: I know things are tough right now. Hang in there!
Blue without you card
Inside message: I'm blue without you.
OMG birthday card
Inside message: You're how old? Happy birthday!
Christmas 10-card set
Inside message: Wishing you all the love and happiness of this joyous season.
Mare-y Christmas 10-card set
Inside message: Wishing you a mare-y Christmas an an appy New Year!
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