Donations In Memoriam


If you would like to make a donation to our sanctuary in memory of loved one or friend, please contact us to make arrangements.

Grace Elizabeth Colgan
Pam Wolfe and Stacy Poplo would like to honor Grace, who was an avid horse lover. Her personality left a lasting mark on our hearts. "No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses."~ Herman Melville
Markus Divich
Sue Divich donated in memory of her horse Markus, born 1985, sent across the Rainbow Bridge July 2014. Sue and Markus did eventing, cross country and dressage. A great horse!
Julie Nicole Mott
Michelle Hart would like to honor her friend and fellow horse lover, Julie Mott, who was only 25 years old.
Jeanie Braun Tomme
We appreciate Pat Classen's donation in memory of her old barrel racing friend, Jeanie.
Fred & Ingrid Armstrong
Many thanks to Herb Armstrong for his generous donation in memory of his parents, Fred and Ingrid.
Margaret Cosby
We're grateful for Jack and Barbara Moore's donation in memory of Margaret, whose “smile would light up a room when she walked in.”
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