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Malt: an OTTB gets a new lease on life


Malt is one of the horses TMMES rescued from a local boys ranch that was allowing several horses to become malnourished. Malt stood out from the other horses we were rescuing, though, because unlike the others – who were all elderly – Malt was noticeably younger. Also, he was unable to put any weight on his right front leg. We knew our first order of business would be getting him seen by a vet. As it turns out, Malt had a broken shoulder, which required him to be stalled for three months. (Tigger, one of the other rescues, stayed with Malt to keep him calm.)


During that time, we looked into Malt’s history. Malt’s full registered name is Malt & Jam. Malt is an 8-year old off the track Thoroughbred and cousin to California Chrome, a Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner. In his racing career, Malt had won nearly $10,000, and just as his career was taking off, a horse fell in front of him during a race and five other horses piled on top of him as he fell. Malt seemed to lose the will to race after that and was donated to the boys ranch.


Today, Malt and Tigger are inseparable and living happily at TMMES. Malt’s shoulder has fully healed, and he is being re-trained to be ridden again.

Malt on the day we rescued him – broken shoulder, severely malnourished.

TMMES trainer Janae doing rehab riding on a healthy, recovered Malt.

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