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Surrendered and starving mares light up their new family's lives.


TMMES was contacted by a man who had sold his property and wanted to rehome his three horses. We were told they were in good health – he even sent pictures showing how healthy they were. But when we got to the property, we found something very different. All three horses were undernourished, and the Thoroughbred mare was particularly thin. We tried to find foster or adoptive homes for the mares – two beautiful palominos and one OTTB mare – but didn't have much luck. Just by chance, our founder, Dixie Neeley, met J.R. through a mutual friend. J.R. volunteered to pick the horses up in Huntsville, TX, for us and even volunteered to take them to his home to foster them for a while. Thanks to lots of good hay and feed, and of course TLC by J.R. and his wife Connie, the mares are blossoming. The good news is you couldn’t pry them away from their new family!

Ginger, the OTTB mare, when we took her in.

AQHA registered mother and daughter, Ruby and Sugie, whose registered names are Sugared Silver and Docs Sugar Express. TMMES is so glad to have been able to help these horses!

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