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Some sweet donkeys and a mare get rescued…and give us a surprise gift!


San Antonio Animal Care Services took in five donkeys and a mare who were found stray. TMMES contacted SAACS and was able to secure their release. We were extremely fortunate to have found homes for them immediately.


A few weeks after getting settled into her new home, one of the jills (who we had suspected was pregnant), delighted everyone by giving birth to Pi, possibly the cutest baby donkey ever to have been born!


Our thanks to Esther G. for taking in the mare and one donkey, and to Cheryl W., who took in the other four donks. Of the five donkeys, two were intact jacks, and we were able to have them gelded on the way to their new homes. All are doing extremely well at their new forever homes!

Four of the rescued donks loving life at their new home.

Baby Pi was born shortly after the rescue.

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